Having These Skills Can Help You Succeed As A Sports Camera Operator

Having These Skills Can Help You Succeed As A Sports Camera Operator

27 February 2020
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If you're someone who enjoys being around sports, finding a job in a sporting environment may be a career goal for you. One type of profession that may appeal to you is being a camera operator for live sports broadcasts. Broadcast crews that cover all levels of sports need qualified individuals to perform this role, and starting with a local crew can be the foundation to working your way up in the industry. Her are some skills that can help you to succeed as a sports camera operator.

Knowledge Of Several Sports

Having a deep knowledge of multiple sports is a skill that can help you to excel in this field. A camera operator needs to understand the sport so that he or she can anticipate what might come next. For example, if a hockey player has a breakaway, a good camera operator will know to move with the puck carrier toward the net — not scramble because he or she can't anticipate what the player might do with the puck. It's possible to get this knowledge from watching sports, but experience playing a variety of sports can truly help you to understand them.

Physical Strength

While there are some cameras that are mounted on tripods and simply require the operator to pan and zoom them, other camera operators carry their equipment. If you're on the sidelines of a high school or college football game, for example, you'll typically be carrying a camera on your shoulder and following the action. A degree of physical strength is needed. You can't let the lens of the camera begin to sag toward the ground because you're tired, even after hours of standing with the camera on your shoulder. Being in good physical health can be important to excel in this job.

Technical Expertise

An ability to demonstrate technical expertise is also valuable if you want to get into this field and excel. Ideally, you'll need to have some experience operating a variety of cameras. Even if you haven't used a professional, broadcast-caliber camera, your knowledge with other types of cameras will be useful. Camera operators need to understand the settings on their cameras so that they can get the best footage possible. Additionally, you need to set up gear before the game and take it down afterward, which means that you'll need to know about how to run cables, how to secure tripods, and more.

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